A bit 'of history

On the island of Polesine Camerini (village of Porto Tolle), aH'estrema tip of the mouth of the Po in a border land between sea and countryside, was born the characteristic farmhouse bed & breakfast LA VIOLETTA.

An old barn of the family, now dilapidated and abandoned, Violetta (the owner) along with her daughters wanted to recover strongly and to allocate housing. Intuition then all-female, suggested by attachment to this wonderful land, but especially by the memory of a country life, poor but happy, simple but apprezzatacela same simplicity and the same spontaneity that guests find themselves throughout their stay.

The farmhouse bed & breakfast "LA VIOLETTA"  is immersed in an agricultural landscape, regular and unbounded, enclosed in bags, salt marshes and lagoons that give light, colors and reflections marsh solar wonderful. The ideal choice for those who want a holiday in contact with nature, in the midst of peace and quiet for some time more and more rare and valuable.